How Do You Manage Uncertainty in the Market (without a Crystal Ball)?

We live our lives uncertain of future outcomes — and it will always be this way.   None of us have a crystal ball to predict the future, and that is why it’s important to learn how to effectively deal with uncertainty in our personal lives — and our investment lives.Fortunately, there’s a solution to handling uncertainty in our investment lives which involves diversification, academic Continue reading >>

Global Portfolio: A Case For Owning the World

Sometimes people look at their portfolios and wonder why they own international stocks, specifically in emerging markets. What they may not realize is that because they have a global portfolio, the assets within that portfolio are not always moving up or down in lock step. It could be said that these people are recency biased.   Investors with this type of bias expect what worked Continue reading >>

Surviving the Stock Market: Stay Ahead Of Your Emotions

All stocks have to be owned by someone. Investors essentially have long-term ownership in the world’s businesses. Like any owners, they get paid last. But often, especially if they globally diversify their portfolio, they also get paid most. And, like any owners, they are often the first ones affected by revenue changes, which can be scary.  Managing human emotions are the major driving force behind investor Continue reading >>

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