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Factors Of Higher Returns

Factor Investing – Investment strategy in which securities are chosen based on attributes that are associated with higher returns.

Size: Investing in smaller companies offer higher expected returns than investing in larger companies.

Value: Value companies (low price/book) offer higher expected returns than growth (high price/book) companies.

Profitability: Companies with higher profitability, ratio of book-value to market-value, have higher expected returns.

Great ideas


“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Warren Buffet

Great ideas


Nobel Prize winning research shows value stocks have historically outperformed the market by 5% since 1926.

Great ideas


Nobel Prize winning research shows small company stocks have historically outperformed the market by 3% since 1926.

Great ideas


Academic research shows profitability based investing can increase returns.

Value Premium

Size Premium


Emotional Behavior

High Fees

Market Timing

Every WiseFactors portfolio is designed and diversified to minimize volatility and provide overall risk-adjusted returns superior to investment in any single asset class. Public equity markets are very efficient: they are unpredictable over the short term, but steadily increase in predictability over time.


Historically, equities trump bonds, cash and every other investment vehicle.


WiseFactors offers investors diversified, cost efficient access to small companies.


Research shows that market, company size, and relative stock price drive returns. Historically, value stocks outperform growth stocks.


Expected direct profitability, gauged by gross operating margin, is also a proven indicator of higher expected returns.


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Higher Returns Over Time

WiseFactors incorporates factor investing to globally diversified portfolios to increase returns.

Benefits of Factor Investing

Our portfolios have higher exposure to the small and value stocks to capture the higher expected returns from these factors.

$10,000 Invested From 1970-2017

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