Personal Finance 101: Patience Is a Virtue

We live in a society of immediacy. We’ve become used to services that give us immediate gratification. If you want to be a successful investor, one of the most important attributes — after following financial science and academic research — is patience.


Don’t let short-term market moves interfere with your long-term goals.


Take Warren Buffett, for example. One of the biggest reasons he’s successful is because he’s an extremely patient investor. That’s because Mr. Buffet understands several key truths:


  • The markets reward patient investors — though returns don’t always come in predictable patterns.
  • Lack of patience permanently destroys wealth — usually resulting in abandoned plans and “chasing” the hot sector.
  • The worst investors are emotional investors who don’t have a game plan causing people to sell at the wrong times and buy at the wrong times.
  • Temporary market declines are an inevitable part of successful investing.

We believe in a long-term approach when creating durable portfolios for our clients. We use financial science, and structure your investment portfolio(s) to match your circumstances, so that your money is available to you when you want it. We believe that our patience, financial discipline, and academic science enables us to produce better lives for our clients.


Contact us today if you have any questions about how you’ll live out your retirement years.

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